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A significant part of this film contains high-end computer graphics, which recreated, in stunning detail, some of the events that took place in Scarborough Harbor 336 years ago. For this critical part of the production OD worked closely with the Trinidadian animations company Eyescream Animation Limited to design and produce the complicated land-battle scenes. The UK based award winning animation company 422 South produced the spectacular sea-battle animation scenes. Both companies collaborated over one year to finalize the required CGI’s. Together with the Oceans Discovery team they recreated Tobago from historical documents, period drawings and paintings as it might have looked like in 1677, thus producing nearly 60 animated battle scenes in incredible detail.

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Hundreds of documents, old drawings and paintings have been researched in an attempt to recreate Lampsinsburg, the four-star shaped fortress and the Dutch and French fleet. It always has been one of OD’s objectives to combine proprietary technologies and world-class creative talent to develop computer animated film scenes with memorable historical locations, characters and authentic period ships that appeal to all audiences.