Since the early nineties Oceans Discovery has defined
underwater filming technologies, scientific exploration of our oceans
and the production of high-quality educational television programs

Oceans Discovery (OD)

OD is an independent film production company focusing on educational and entertaining television programming, promoting the conservation of our planets underwater natural resources and the protection of our remaining cultural marine heritage.

But OD is going beyond the film production of underwater discovery and archaeology, it is trying to find ways in which our cultural treasures and the marine environment could be preserved, whereby the local communities could benefit and have the incentive to ensure protection of their underwater resources.

Television Experience and Marine -Technical know-how

OD’s more than twenty-five years of filming experience in the documentary genre and the success of its “Oceans Of Mystery” television series, meanwhile being broadcast in over 112 countries around the world, are evidence for its expertise and competence. But OD does not only draw from its own accomplishments and experiences it has contacts and access to many institutes, museums, experts and scholars which the company has been working with for many years. This work and OD’s twenty years presence on Discovery Channels and other international broadcast channels, has led the company into other venues as well.

Back in 2007, Oceans Discovery has been chosen to design and implement new and innovative digital multimedia technologies and services for a newly planned marine-research institute in the Caribbean, thus creating a for the region unique educational centre of excellence. The technologies and services for this project have been designed with the purpose of establishing a relationship between the envisioned educational facility and the tourist/visitor/student.

Developing Innovative U/W Film and Display Technologies

OD developed and created the means for the implementation of innovative underwater film and display technologies.

One key element of this task is to place live HD-cameras at various underwater locations to transmit marine-life images directly into the classrooms of an institute, university and/or interpretation centre. This process is creating scientific imagery for the high-definition film and photo libraries and subsequent film productions needed for research and education.

What the Media is saying about us

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Oceans Discovery’s - Image Library

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Oceans Discovery's image library virtually contains ten-thousands of high-resolution images and high-definition video clips (2K & 4K quality) of marine life. This vast collection of marine creatures, corals and sponges as well as many other generic images from various Caribbean islands and many other countries on both sides of the Atlantic, are available for educational projects.